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Utilizes synergies with gaming & esport brands.

Esports and gaming is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21th century. Game Chest are operating platforms and services in different segments of the industry and benefit on the synergies among them.

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Game chest group

A weekly dose of fun & excitement

FridayPlays is the must have product for gamers. Every friday the customer receive a new high quality game for a fraction of the retail price. Not only that, when the user signs up the user get to pick one of four AAA games to kick off the experience.


The Sandbox MMO Game

A true open world experience that gives it's players an unlimited freedom with limitless opportunities to create your own story. The developer mindset have provided a true sandbox game for the fans of this gaming category.

Wurm on Steam

The marketplace for games and crates

Gamethrill are selling games and loot boxes for a fraction of the retail price, made possible through longterm partnerships with distributors. Gamethrill has incredible deals for every gamer in the world.


The free online gaming network

Gameitnow is a network combined of 27 different websites that provides the user a endless supply of online games to play. With new free to play games being added on a daily basis to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere!


The all in one esport event tool

Esportrait is for both organizers and customers that wish to host and visit gaming events all over scandinavia. Esportrait helps organisations to reach more customers and allows them to focus on the actual event and let the platform handle the ticket selling and marketing.


All in one event platform

Ticsail is a ticket selling solution for all kinds of events. Ticsail uses the Esportrait technology, with the vision to make it easy for organisations to focus on the event itself, and let Ticsail manage the administrative tasks.


Our story
The history of Game Chest

Game Chest group was founded back in 2017. The company has since then been operating within the gaming and esport industry. As of January 2019 Game Chest Group is a listed company on Nordic Growth Market (Nordic SME).

Back in 2017 Game Chest group only had two different products, uCrate and Gamethrill. Since then the company has an grown by aquiring different businesses and platforms within the industry and are constantly working to benefit of the synergies between the platforms and services.

The Company currently offers services and products under varying brands in different segments of the industry.

The future of gaming and esports are exciting, this is a future that Game Chest are working to be a part of.